News Report Mini Project

Hello world,

At the start of this term we were asked to make a news report video about our holiday. It was more work than I thought it would be. We had to make a story board and a script and then make the video using Imovie on our I pads. We had to have at least 5 scenes in the movie. We got to interview or be interviewed. This was a little fun project that made us think differently.

Have you done something like this before in your school?

What did you do on the holidays?

From Mikkel

Share Market

Dear bloggers,

The share market is a massive online market that each country has.  This market buys and sells shares.  Depending on how well the market performs, it can have a massive effect on other counties share market.  For example if the Chinese share market performs badly by more shares being sold than bought it will have a massive affect on the Australian economy. Depending on how the market performs the Economy will get stronger or weaker and this effects the currency.

Do you or your parents own any shares?

Would you want to get some?

Are you interested in share markets?

by Mikkel